Ready To Build A Top Gun Speaking Business?

Hall of Fame Speaker, decorated fighter pilot, New York Times Best Selling Author and Speaker Coach Waldo Waldman will show you how to:

Supercharge your sales Command higher fees Build a unique, memorable brand . . . and Beat Your Competition!

Are you an aspiring or experienced professional speaker, but . . . 

  • You're struggling to land more speaking engagements
  • You can't attract enough leads despite your great content and platform skills
  • You're having difficulties building a brand to differentiate yourself in a crowded market
  • You need more sales and marketing skills to close more business and increase profits

What I’ve learned in my 16+ years as a professional speaker (with a 7-figure income and 80+ engagements a year) is that most speakers don’t fail because of their content or platform skills.  

They fail because they don’t understand the keys to successful sales, marketing, and branding!

Top Gun Speakers:

  • Leverage powerful sales and marketing tools to find (and close!) qualified prospects.
  • Create a distinct brand that differentiates them from their competitors. 
  • Execute the fundamentals of building a profitable speaking business. 
  • Continuously grow and expand their entrepreneurial skills. 

This is why I’ve created Top Gun Speaker - a high end speaker coaching program to help serious entrepreneurs like you overcome the challenges of running a profitable speaking business.

If you are tired of all the get-rich-quick programs led by coaches who share outdated content and who don't actually speak, then this program is for you! 

  • No Fluff - No Motivation - No Theory! 
  • Only real-world, relevant training that's been tried and tested.  
  • Led by a Hall of Fame speaker (CPAE), Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), & New York Times bestselling author. 
  • You'll learn the same tools & tactics I use everyday to grow my successful speaking business.

Business First, Speaker Second

You must master the basics of business operations, finance, & entrepreneurship. If not, you're flying blind. 

Marketing Fundamentals 

A speech means nothing unless you can attract prospects with budgets and create relevance, social proof and value. 

Platform Skills

Refining & updating your content & delivery is essential to commanding higher fees & connecting with your audience. 

Sales Essentials

Top Gun Speakers know how to find viable prospects, create a value proposition, and can turn a cold call into a bold call!

Branding for Distinction

Leveraging your thought leadership, personality, and content and turning it into a sticky, memorable resource is a huge asset for sustained business growth. 

Technology for Speed

Your office is your cockpit. You must utilize every tool at your disposal to create efficiencies in your marketing and workflow in order to scale and grow your speaking business.  

Coaching for Growth

Continuous growth keeps you relevant, but we all have blind spots. Investing in outside coaches & training improves your perspective & will allow you to take your craft to the next level.

"If you want coaching on both the business and the craft of speaking, then Waldo is your guy . . . I highly recommend him. He will transform your speaking business like he did for me."

James Taylor Int'l Keynote Speaker on Innovation & Creativity

Waldo's coaching Success Stories 

Kirsty Spraggon (1:28) Speaker 

Ryan Jenkins (1:38) Speaker 

Jessica Cox (:35) Speaker 

YES! I want access to Waldo's Top Gun Speaker coaching to take my speaking business to new heights.


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I'll help you create a profitable speaker flight plan based on the same tools & techniques I currently use to book 80+ engagements a year with a 5 figure keynote fee, and maintain a distinct brand that differentiates me in a crowded marketplace. You'll learn how to:

  • Find and convert qualified prospects into paid engagements
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader & Expert (not just a speaker!)
  • Market your brand as a high value/high-fee resource to clients
  • Make More Money in the highly competitive speaking business

I won't share theory or business development strategies I learned from a book or from another speaker coach! You'll learn only real-world tools that I currently use every day to grow my business. 

What you get with the Top Gun Speaker Program Membership?

Live Monthly Coaching

Live, High-Content Webinars where Waldo attacks the most relevant challenges of your business to drive your sales and marketing goals. Hot seats will be utilized for direct coaching, and best in class experts will be occasional guests to provide deeper insights on subjects to move the profit needle in your business.

High-end exclusive mastermind and coaching (limited to 30 people)

An intimate mentoring program for those who are serious about growth. Waldo will reveal the inside secrets he uses to build and maintain a million dollar speaking business, and help you craft a customized profitable flight plan for your business. * Includes live training at Waldo's office, group coaching calls, free speaker bootcamp attendance, 1-1 coaching, access to all products in the training library, etc. 

Discounted fee to the Top Gun Speaker Bootcamp

Annual live event for speakers ready to fully commit, engage and achieve success in the speaking business. This 2-day seminar focuses on one target: The Business of Speaking. We'll focus on how to make more money as a speaker. Includes guest speakers on thought leadership, internet marketing, video production, sales processes, and publishing. 

Why Is Top Gun Speaker A Game-Changer For YOU?

You get a Hall of Fame Speaker with real-world sales experience, and a New York Times bestselling author that will share real-world solutions to growing your speaking business.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve been relentlessly committed to building my speaking business. My flight path hasn’t been easy. Just like you - I've struggled! I've made every mistake in the book and have failed a ton. But I learned from my mistakes and worked hard to refine my sales and marketing plan to ultimately create a hugely profitable business.  

Not only have I earned a consistent seven figure income with clients like American Express, Verizon, Chevron, Siemens, UPS, Comcast, Home Depot, and even The Denver Broncos football team…but was eventually inducted into the Professional Speaker’s Hall of Fame, one of only 190 speakers in the world including Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and Colin Powell.

The one thing that has allowed me to continuously reach new heights is that I never fly solo when it comes to growing my business. I invest in wingmen who coach me to success. I attend training programs and spend countless hours earning my speaking wings - honing my craft on the platform and also in my business to create a relevant sales and marketing flight plan that gets me booked.  

And it’s paid off! Today I speak all over the world and have the freedom, income and success that I’ve always wanted.  

Now, I want to be Your Wingman and help you achieve the same success, income, and freedom that I've earned! I look foward to working with you.

Lt. Col. (ret.) Rob "Waldo" Waldman, MBA, CSP, CPAE

YES! I want access to Waldo's Top Gun Speaker coaching to take my speaking business to new heights.


Sign up and as a bonus I'll send you a link to my free video training - 7 Tactics To Becoming A Top Gun Speaker.

Join The Top Gun Speaker Wait List

The program is currently closed for applications. Please enter your info below and we'll let you know when the program opens for new members.